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Restaurant concept Brenso

Lorenzo Dal Bo is the founder of Benso and also the chef of the restaurant. I spoke to him at length about the topic of zero waste and sustainability and I have rarely seen it approached so holistically. Kitchen waste is stored and processed further, e.g. into sauces, drinks, etc. Lorenzo is constantly tinkering with new creations and experimenting with waste products.

There is a variety of home-made and preserved products in the cellar. It is also important to Lorenzo to know his producers personally and he wants the topic of sustainability to receive more attention. The chef tries to avoid cellophane film and other single-use plastic completely. 

Kitchen at Brenso

Lorenzo is originally from Italyand has already cooked at many top addresses around the world, from the Faroe Islands to Noma in Copenhagen and Central in Lima. He has not only learnt a lot in the process, but has also developed the concept for his own restaurant and written down the values he wants to live by in a manifesto. Closing the food cycle and reusing as much as possible is particularly important to him. 

His motto: "Today's customers want simple dishes made from local produce that are not boring."

The menu is divided into Snacks, Nose to Tail, Root to Leaf, Desserts and Chef's Choice Menu - 4 or 6 courses, with meat or veggies. Lorenzo's Italian roots are clearly noticeable. Focaccia and the stuffed agnolotti are a dream. A lot of the cooking is done with seasonal vegetables and special second cuts and innards. The focus is on homemade products such as sausages, mascarpone, pasta, bread, etc.

My recommendation at Brenso

A surprise menu with meat and veggies to share. You can also mention that you would like to try the homemade stuffed pasta. I particularly enjoyed it ;-)

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8004 Zürich, Switzerland
T: +41 77 254 11 41
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