The perfect Date Night Restaurants in Zurich 2022

Who doesn't know that? At the weekend you have planned a date night with your loved one or even the first date and of course you don't think of the fast and suitable restaurant in Zurich. This list is supposed to help.

Restaurants that have made it onto the ranking list are characterized by a romantic atmosphere, you have enough space to talk with your partner in peace and enjoy the evening. The service is very attentive, but gives you enough privacy. If possible, candlelight is emphasized. The ambience offers a feel-good character, the volume is pleasant. The following restaurants are my favourites and have all already been personally tested at my Date Nights and I can absolutely recommend them to you:


Anna-Heer-Strasse 2, 8057 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 552 87 44 | Website

Do you know the moment when you have just taken your seat for the evening in the restaurant and then are greeted so surprisingly warmly that you just know "bull's eye". This is exactly what happens to me when Maria Ventola introduces herself that evening with her pleasant Swabian accent with rolling R 😉 (due to her Italian roots); recommends us the homemade aperitif and then lets us take a look at the menu. We feel completely comfortable and decide, in addition to the 4-course menu, also for a wine accompaniment, which we share and, by the way, is highly recommended. After a fine greeting from the kitchen with pickled salmon, radish and blood sorrel follow two, in my opinion, absolute highlights of chef Stefano Corrado. The probably most tender Pulpo with Peperoni and homemade Focaccia and the Tortelli di vitello with Marsala sauce, refined with fresh marjoram. As I write these lines, I have only one thought - "this screams for a repeat". ❤️

Between courses, Maria keeps telling us little anecdotes from previous months when asked. Last year, just in time for Lockdown 🙈the couple had decided to take over the restaurant Anna near Milchbuck. Of course, not an easy start, but with the support of good colleagues and former supervisor of Stefano, the couple copes with the situation with flying colors. Stefano, by the way, learned and honed his craft at Clouds, Mesa and Gustav before starting his own restaurant. The Anna also offers an event room for larger events, including various seating options outside.

My tip: Pulpo. Pepperoni. Focaccia - Tortelli di vitello. Marsala. Parmiggiano. Marjoram

Contact & Opening Hours

Anna-Heer-Strasse 2
8057 Zürich, Schweiz
T: 044 552 87 44
    Last updated: Aug. 12, 2022, 9:28 p.m.

    elmira: Fine dining show cooking with exclusive 7-course menu

    Limmatstrasse 254, 8005 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 244 80 52 | Website | Opening Hours

    The fine dining restaurant elmira is located in the old Löwenbräu silo. The elevator takes guests to the basement and transports them to a unique gourmet concept - directly in the kitchen. The restaurant sets a high standard for sustainability with upscale regional, seasonal cuisine. Using the methods of preserving and fermenting, the kitchen team succeeds in transporting summer products into winter, creating exciting juice accompaniments. At elmira, a flat fee is paid before the visit for the 7-course menu (choice: plant-based or animal-based dishes) and juice or wine accompaniment. Water and coffee refill is included in the price.

    My tip: the vegan menu and non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment surprised me positively :)

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Limmatstrasse 254
    8005 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 044 244 80 52
    • Wednesday - Saturday:
      19:00 - 00:00
    Last updated: Dec. 30, 2022, 12:14 p.m.

    EquiTable: Date Night I Everything is just right here

    Stauffacherstrasse 163, 8004 Zürich, Schweiz | 043 534 82 77 | Website | Opening Hours

    🫶 The EquiTable is a Gault Millau and Michelin restaurant for special occasions. Everything is just right here: the atmosphere, the food, the wine...and above all the attention to detail.

    👨‍🍳 Julian Marti has been the new head chef at EquiTable since March 2022. His cousin Cédric Campera accompanies him as sous chef. They cook with the best, seasonally available regional and Fairtrade products.

    Max Dullinger & team take care of both the appropriate choice of drinks and the perfectly coordinated service for me.

    There are professionals at work here who absolutely understand their craft. Great cinema! 😍🙏

    Guests can choose between 4 and 7 course menus, optionally vegetarian and with wine accompaniment.

    😋 The Equitable in Kreis 4: My tip for culinary evenings and date nights!

    My tip: 7 course menu with wine accompaniment while you're there. :)

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Stauffacherstrasse 163
    8004 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 043 534 82 77
    • Tuesday - Saturday:
      18:30 - 23:00
    Last updated: Nov. 6, 2022, 11:41 a.m.


    Birchstrasse 108, 8050 Zürich, Schweiz | 043 205 10 10 | Website | Opening Hours

    The former GIESSEREI OERLIKON is an à-la-carte restaurant for lunch and dinner during the week. Culinary delicacies made from first-class fresh products are served at the beautifully laid table. The foundry also organises banquets and events of all kinds and can cater for up to 500 guests. 

    My Tip: Menu BBQ Smoker Susi

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Birchstrasse 108
    8050 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 043 205 10 10
    • Monday - friday:
      11:30 - 14:00,17:30 - 23:30
    • Saturday and Sunday closed
    Last updated: June 5, 2021, 1:50 p.m.

    HÖNGGERHOF: Mediterranean crossover cuisine with feel-good ambience

    Am Wasser 161, 8049 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 296 13 13 | Website | Opening Hours

    I'm blown away by the restaurant Hönggerhof 😍 Mediterranean crossover cuisine right on the Limmat, incredibly stylishly decorated. Very suitable for business lunches and culinary evenings. For about 7 people there is a séparée. Here the curtains can be closed and then you are completely undisturbed. 

    The service is excellent and you feel an extraordinary warmth of the two hosts Tami and Giovanni Pecoraro 🥰🙏.

    THE motto:
    La passione italiana ♥️
    Le ,savoir vivre' français 🧑🎨
    El fuego español 🔥
    ... and a pinch of Japanese elegance.⛩

    My tip: menu with tiramisu freshly prepared at the table

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Am Wasser 161
    8049 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 044 296 13 13
    • Tuesday - Friday:
      11:30 - 14:00,18:30 - 22:30
    • Saturday:
      18:00 - 23:00
    Last updated: Nov. 9, 2022, 11:04 a.m.


    Münzplatz 3, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz | 043 321 22 22 | Website | Opening Hours

    Klingler's Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant ambience in the heart of Zurich is perfect for business lunch or date night.

    Host Pietro Prestito and head chef Pietro Cucco met at the Villa Orselina in Ticino and, after various stays abroad, have made themselves at home at the Münzplatz.

    I can highly recommend:
    🍆 Parmigiana-style eggplant with homemade pesto and grana shavings
    🍝 Homemade Pasta Trilogy (Spinach-Ricotta-Ravioli with a fresh tomato sauce / Tagliatelle Tuscany style / Cavatelli with homemade Pesto)

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Münzplatz 3
    8001 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 043 321 22 22
    • Monday - Friday:
      11:30 - 15:00,17:30 - 23:00
    • Saturday:
      12:00 - 23:00
    • Sunday closed
    Last updated: July 10, 2022, 3:41 p.m.


    Seefeldstrasse 82, 8008 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 296 70 70 | Website | Opening Hours
    © Razzia
    © Razzia

    The raid is a spectacular jewel in Seefeld and the former silent movie theater. Dining is served in the six-metre-high magnificent hall of the classicist building. The kitchen is open and conjures up authentic national dishes from all over the world. At noon there are various lunch menus to choose from. In summer the restaurant opens its romantic backyard garden. Once a month there is a movie night with 3-course menu and welcome drink.

    My tip: Beef tartare "poêlé de boeuf" St. Tropez Style - Short grilled beef tartare, truffle mayonnaise, quail eggs & tomato cream

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Seefeldstrasse 82
    8008 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 044 296 70 70
    • Tuesday - Saturday:
      18:00 - 00:00
    • Sunday and Monday closed
    • Bar with lunch:
      11:30 - 00:00
    Last updated: Nov. 6, 2021, 10:36 a.m.


    Kalanderplatz 6, Sihlcity, 8045 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 317 19 19 | Website | Opening Hours

    Compared to other Zurich restaurants, we've been to the Rüsterei more often and spent romantic hours. We are particularly attracted to the elm factory in winter. The open fireplace then radiates a wonderful atmosphere together with the ceiling reaching wine rack, the open kitchen, the attentive service and the industrial Swabby Chic Décor. We also recommend brunch on Sunday.

    My tip:Seasonal menu and in autumn/winter the boss thing

    Contact & Opening Hours

    Kalanderplatz 6, Sihlcity
    8045 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 044 317 19 19
    • Monday - Friday:
      12:00 - 14:00,18:00 - 00:00
    • Saturday:
      18:00 - 00:00
    • Sunday brunch
      10:00 - 14:30
    Last updated: Jan. 20, 2020, 10:22 p.m.

    Silex Restaurant & Weinbar

    Freyastrasse 3, 8004 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 210 30 30 | Website

    New since Nov. 2021 in Zurich at the Schmiede Wiedikon train station. Silex is French and means flint. The three founders Jean-Denis Roger, Julia von Meiss and chef George Tomlin describe their heart project as a 'fluid concept between wine bar and restaurant'. 

    My conclusion: absolutely successful and fitting for Zurich. Beautifully realized in terms of design - in the entrance area you can first arrive in peace with a glass of natural wine. Jean-Denis will be happy to advise you. Then climb a few steps and you're in the restaurant, all completely open and connected to the kitchen. The menu is divided into snacks, small plates, large plates and dessert. 

    Silex about itself:
    We cook food and serve wines whose origins we stand behind. Our wines come from artisan producers who work with minimal intervention and manage their vineyards with respect for nature. Our food follows the same philosophy: we use products, farmers and suppliers that are sustainable and organic, with integrity and transparency. Our regularly changing menu is available both À la carte and tasting menu. 

    My tipps:
    Baked beets, salted mandarin & whitefish roe
    Lamb tartare, dehydrated shio koji egg yolk & allumettes
    Pappardelle with ragù of Duroc pork, chicken liver & gochujang
    Jerusalem artichoke cooked in beer, roasted yeast & chestnuts
    Quince semifreddo, salted caramel & crumble


    Contact & Opening Hours

    Freyastrasse 3
    8004 Zürich, Schweiz
    T: 044 210 30 30
      Last updated: July 14, 2022, 2:41 p.m.


      Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 221 94 77 | Website | Opening Hours

      The restaurant has its home in the Landesmuseum directly at the main station. The cuisine at the Spitz is very experimental, modern and yet traditional with mainly regional products. In addition to elaborate creations, which are served in the evenings, lunch is easier. Of three dishes on offer, at least one is vegetarian. You can choose between a soup or a salad in advance. (Price varies between CHF 24-28)

      Next to the restaurant there is the bistro with 60 outdoor seats and a bar with interesting spirits from all over the world. A highlight is the whisky assortment with over 250 bottles.

      The premises of the Spitz and the rented rooms of the Swiss National Museum are also available for events of various kinds.

      Contact & Opening Hours

      Museumstrasse 2
      8001 Zürich, Schweiz
      T: 044 221 94 77
      • Monday:
        11:30 - 00:00
      • Tuesday - Friday:
        11:30 - 14:00,18:00 - 00:00
      • Saturday:
        18:00 - 00:00
      • Sunday closed
      Last updated: April 8, 2022, 8:53 p.m.

      TAO'S Restaurant Lounge Bar

      Augustinergasse 3, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 448 11 22 | Website | Opening Hours
      © TAO's

      The TAO's is located in the center of Zurich and is managed by the operators of the restaurant AURA. Cooking is Euro-Asian. The beautiful terrace, surrounded by an Asian mini jungle, is a real jewel to linger in summer. Great for a business lunch or a romantic date night. However, there is a price to pay. In addition, TAO's can also host corporate and private events for 10-150 people.

      My Tip: Fish and seafood tagliolini

      Contact & Opening Hours

      Augustinergasse 3
      8001 Zürich, Schweiz
      T: 044 448 11 22
      • Monday - friday:
        11:30 - 14:00,18:00 - 00:00
      • Saturday:
        13:00 - 14:30,18:00 - 00:00
      • Sunday closed
      Last updated: July 23, 2022, 2:50 p.m.

      Weisses Rössli: Unique dinner for the perfect date night

      Bederstrasse 96, 8002 Zürich, Schweiz | 044 212 63 00 | Website | Opening Hours

      The Weisses Rössli has everything a great restaurant needs - flair, cozy garden, lots of warmth and tasteful, French-Mediterranean dishes by Mathieu Bacon with that certain something. In the evening, you choose between 2 and 5 courses and can then put together an individual starter, intermediate and main course, cheese and dessert from the menu. The great thing about it: homemade bread, water and coffee/tea are included in the price. At noon there are lunch dishes as well as excerpts from the evening menu. The passion of the kitchen and the attentive service is visibly noticeable for the guests - home-made bread & brioche, butter, chips, ketchup, gnocchi, glacé and the fantastic cantucchini for coffee, I can't get out of raving at all.

      For events with max. 32 persons there is a special room in the cellar. A former bowling alley, which is modernly decorated and illuminated only by candlelight. Tavolata is served with various dishes (by arrangement).

      My Tip: 5-course menu - a real pleasure

      Contact & Opening Hours

      Bederstrasse 96
      8002 Zürich, Schweiz
      T: 044 212 63 00
      • Monday - friday:
        11:30 - 14:00,18:00 - 00:00
      • Saturday:
        18:00 - 00:00
      • Sunday and Monday closed
      Last updated: Feb. 2, 2023, 10:15 a.m.