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Good food, attentive service, the right feeling for details - going out to eat is discovering, enjoying and admiring for me. For me, going out to eat already begins with anticipation and leafing through the menu. I am thrilled when I harvest the cress with the nail scissors from the mini garden, when the host takes me to his wine cellar and reveals the wildest stories about the wine, or when the tight seating and the heated palaver briefly transfer me to bella Italia. When the degree of cooking is perfect or the cutlery simply lies well in the hand; eating out is my passion.

Züriplausch, my diary of discoveries and your source of inspiration at the same time: Are you looking for a restaurant for your Date Night? Or should it be an Italian with tasty pizzas? Choose your desired tags and you will receive my matching restaurant tips in no time at all. Züriplausch contains only restaurants that I would be happy to recommend to you.

For me, Zurich is...
...an incredibly diverse city, which has a lot to offer due to its different circles and yet is not too big. A real eating paradise of high quality. For 8 years I have been testing independently and discovering new things again and again. The fact that we lived in the city for five years has simplified things.

My favourite food...
...doesn't really exist (most likely grandma's Swabian home cooking). Depending on season, occasion and mood, I decide what I want to do.

...I also like to do it, but when I have the choice, I prefer to eat out. It's best to try something new for Züriplausch.

I wish I could...
...less restaurant hypes and a more pleasant guest distribution. Zurich is full of nice places with good food, you just have to know where.

From Monday to Friday...
...I work as an online marketing specialist and manage various projects.

Have fun with my tips and many enjoyable experiences in our beautiful city.

For feedback, suggestions and inquiries you are welcome to contact me by e-mail at sarah@zueriplausch.ch 

Sarah from Züriplausch


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