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❤️️ I like to think back to one special evening. On this evening, I was finally a guest at Zizi Hattab's restaurant KLE. Although I will probably never give up animal products, I find it enriching to dedicate my culinary excursions to vegetarian and, as in this case, vegan cuisine. And I was not disappointed once again: What the native Spaniard and former student of Andreas Caminada, Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber and Enrique Olvera conjures up here on the plates of her guests is truly unique. 

Even today I'm still raving about the pillow bread with aioli and hummus, the tostada with peanut salsa, the caramelized mole with wild broccoli and the absolute icing on the cake - the carrot cake with white chocolate and candied walnuts. Since I wanted to try the entire menu again, we were quite full after 8 dishes and had to decide on only one dessert. 🙈

My tips:
- I would decide in retrospect either for the 3 or 4 course menu (it is even possible that both guests get different dishes) or rather focus on dishes of one flavor. In my case, it was a bit too much switching between Mexican and more local cuisine.
- For date night, be sure to reserve the table just to the right of the entrance. Super cute and undisturbed 😉 .

Our Dishes:
- Pillow bread with aioli and hummus.
- Tostada, peanut salsa macha and grilled seasonal vegetables.
- Smoked carrot tartare, pickled onions and white quinoa.
- Corn tamal and guajillo chili cream topped with nut curd
- Albula potatoes, miso mayo and roasted beetroot ketchup

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    18:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday and Monday closed
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