Permanently closed

Ars culinaria unfortunately has closed its doors for good. I can offer you the following criteria as alternatives:

  • regional/seasonal
  • vegetarian / vegan
  • dinner
  • date night
  • event
  • suitable for groups
  • creative location
  • winter location
  • district 5
  • tested NEW

Ars culinaria: The best of three worlds - creatively and honestly implemented

For the next two months you can try the fine creations of Ars Culinaria in the restaurant Samses in the evening. You have the choice between two culinary stories:

  • Savoir vivre - 3 courses
  • Bonjour & Adieu - 1 course

Culinarily, we are in three different regions: Mid-South, Far East and Middle West, with only 2 of the three regions offered at a time. Fixed is the domestic menu "Middle West".
The focus is on "honnête" cuisine, that is, honest cuisine. There are many references to upscale cuisine, but the portions are larger and only regional and seasonal ingredients are used. Each course has its own story, which guests can read about on a small card if they are interested. 

The company was founded by Dunja Gusic and Nico Baldermann. Dunja is temporarily helping out in the service department, but mainly takes care of everything administrative, marketing and communication, while Nico, who has worked in the kitchen at the Widder Hotel, among other places, gets to live it up in the culinary experiences. 
The goal after the two months is not to have their own restaurant, but to focus on culinary events, private dining, cooking classes and many other ideas. I'm excited. :)

My tip: Share both 3-course menus of the evening. :) The non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment is also highly recommended.

Contact & Opening Hours

Langstrasse 231
8005 Zürich, Schweiz
M: 079 287 46 55
  • Wednesday - Saturday:
    18:00 - 23:00
Last updated: Feb. 8, 2023, 12:02 p.m.

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